Everything you Need to Know About T Shirt Printing

In today’s world, almost everyone likes to wear t shirts. T shirts are cool and comfortable to wear, and they are usually made of materials that are flexible, light and durable. In addition, they are one of the best clothes to wear during scorching weather, especially in countries where the climate is not only warm, but humid as well. One type of t shirt that is gaining much traction over the years is printed t shirts. Let’s explore t shirt printing further in the rest of the article.

What is T Shirt Printing?
T shirt printing is the process where messages, designs, pictures, names and words are placed on t shirts. The earliest form of shirt printing dates as far back as ancient times. During these periods, civilisations in China and Egypt did ornament printing on textiles. With the invention of machinery during the nineteenth century, the modern method of shirt printing came into existence and is prevalent till today.

Nowadays, t shirts printed with designs are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages and demographics. Individuals in schools, sports organisations, offices, companies and corporations, and even event organisers have constantly made large orders of printed t shirts. Printed t shirts give a personalised feel to the person wearing it, serve as a sign of unity among friends, peers and organisations, and showcase the immense skill of the designers and printers.

How is T Shirt Printing Done?
There are many types of t shirt printing processes but the most popular one has to be screen printing. Screen printing involves the separation of a design into its respective colours. With the aid of mesh screens, inks made of plastisol are then applied to the shirt to give the finished product.

Apart from screen printing, designs and decorations can be printed on t shirts through airbrushing, embroidering and impressing. In fact, there are even special kinds of laser printers which can print designs and decorations on normal paper, before being printed onto t shirts using heat.

Where to do T Shirt Printing in Singapore?
Singapore is one of the top countries where t shirt printing is very popular. While there is no shortage of t shirt printing companies in Singapore, not all are equally good. As such, you should only engage the services of a well established t shirt printing company like Imprint.

Imprint has over ten years of experience in the t shirt printing industry, and during that time, they have served and met the needs of various clients. They have done countless t shirt printing for schools’ classes, co-curricular activity (CCA) groups and physical education (PE) lessons, organisations and businesses’ employees, major events and corporations, and so much more.
Located in Wcega Tower in the western part of Singapore, Imprint has grown from a fledgling local printing company nearly ten years ago, to one of the top players today in the highly competitive shirt printing market. Imprint even has a fully fledged online website, where you can contact their sales representative to ask queries, clarify doubts, and even get a quotation for your particular t shirt printing requirements.