Great Places for all your Shopping Needs in Singapore

Although Singapore is a tiny island state off the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, it is one of the prime examples of a successful nation. Its economy is thriving, standard of living is high, and there are no shortage of residential and commercial buildings there. Apart from its residents’ favourite pastime, which is eating, Singapore is also known as a top shopping haven. Due to its multicultural heritage, Singapore has no shortage of fashion shops that sell clothes and accessories for the various ethnic groups living and working there. If you are interested to discover the great places for all your shopping needs in Singapore, then read the rest of this article to find out more.

Central Part of Singapore

The central part of Singapore is home to the Central Business District (CBD), and numerous commercial buildings. Do you know what else can be found there? You guessed it, tons of shopping malls and fashion boutiques.

One place you definitely need to check out is Orchard Road. Known as the shopping mecca of Singapore, you can find numerous shopping centres, malls and fashion boutiques lining up the streets of Orchard Road. There are budget and value for money shops located at Far East Plaza and Lucky Plaza. For more high end fashion, you can check out shopping centres and malls such as Orchard Ion, Takashimaya Shopping Centre and CK Tang.

Another location that is must go for all the current and trendy Indian fashion, is the Little India area. Located about a ten minute drive, bus or train ride from Orchard Road, Little India is a popular hotspot for both local and migrant Indian communities. Over here, you can find a wide array of traditional and current Indian clothes and accessories in the shops lining up the entire stretch of Serangoon Road, the heart of Little India. There is also the Little India Arcade which is frequented by numerous people, not just for fashion wear, but goods and supplies as well.

The main attraction of Little India has to be Mustaffa Centre though. It is a behemoth of a shopping centre, operating 24 hours a day, and selling everything from household items, groceries, electronics, jewelry, IT products, and of course, Indian and all kinds of other fashion. It is not only popular among the Indian community, but all other ethnic communities as well.

Eastern Part of Singapore

Our next stop is the eastern part of Singapore, namely the Geylang Serai and Paya Lebar areas. Here you can find a wide variety of fashion clothes and accessories. However, the main type of fashion you will find here is Muslim clothes, prayer items, fragrances, and more. Some of the best Muslim friendly stores can be found at Geylang Serai and Haig Road markets, Joo Chiat and Tanjong Katong Complexes, and Wisma Geylang Serai.

Although the Paya Lebar area is now populated with numerous office and commercial buildings, you can also find many fashion shops in places such as Paya Lebar Square and Quarter, and Oxley Bizhub. Over at these places, there are various fashion items such as children, male and female clothes, and traditional kimono and cheongsam Singapore shops. One particularly hip and upcoming store at Oxley Bizhub is Neonmello, which all serious shoppers should definitely visit.