Most Popular Options for Piano Keyboard Cover

Getting a quality piano keyboard cover such as the yamaha keyboard cover is one of the easiest and simplest ways to ensure that your prized instrument will stay clean and protected from the elements. Today, there are several choices available in the market and the one you pick should depend largely on where and how you plan to use the cover.

Vinyl Piano Keyboard Cover
Vinyl is a material is very easy and simple to wipe clean even when wet. It is also a lightweight material that lets you easily remove and put it back on your piano. You can also easily clean it through vacuuming or with the use of a damp cloth.

If your instrument is highly visible or is placed in an area where a crowd is likely to gather, vinyl is no doubt the best fabric for a piano keyboard cover. If there are liquids near your instrument with risks of spills or people placing their cups on top of the piano cover that will likely leave a ring, a vinyl cover is your best option.

For a reason, vinyl doesn’t absorb liquid and no stain will be left behind on the material. In addition, vinyl also comes in several color choices aside from the usual brown and black as is often the case with quilted and mackintosh covers.

Mackintosh Piano Keyboard Cover
Mackintosh is notably durable and tough and is suitable for use in studios, theaters, churches, and schools. Mackintosh is also thicker compared to vinyl and provides better protection from scratches and bumps. Unlike vinyl, mackintosh also has a warmer appearance and a lot of people choose its cloth look compared to that of vinyl. In addition, mackintosh breathes much more than vinyl.

The vinyl material tends to trap heat so when your piano is exposed to sunlight, it is best to go for a mackintosh cover. The only downside to this material is that cleaning it is a bit more difficult. You cannot wipe it down with wet cloth unlike vinyl. Using a vacuum is the best way of cleaning mackintosh covers.

Quilted Piano Keyboard Cover
Quilted piano covers have a very professional and luxurious appearance. The added padding offers extra protection from physical damage. Premium quilt covers can be very effective against damages from blunt trauma, not to mention that these are water resistant as well. Quilted covers are also the easiest to remove and the lightest options you can find. If you are looking for a piano cover to give to an older user, the quilted option is the best choice you can go for.

How About the Color?
It would be better to go for a black piano keyboard cover if your piano is also black. Mahogany and walnut pianos often go well with brown covers. You also need to consider room décor. If you have earth-tone and warm colors in your room, a cloth couch, or other furniture covered in fabric, a brown cover may blend in better no matter what your piano’s color might be.